JK Rentals is hiring for full-time and seasonal positions at this time. JK Rentals is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • 2nd Shift Truck Loader/General Laborer – Seasonal

Please refer below for more information on our Crew Leader and Secon Shift positions. To be considered for any and all positions, please apply here.

General Laborer Job Description

General Laborer loads, unloads, moves, and installs materials (i.e. tents, tables, stages, flooring, lights, chairs, etc.) within or near the shop, yard, or work site by performing the following duties. Our Second Shift Truck Loaders will assist the Crew Leader with various job duties in order to complete a truck load for the next days crew. JK Rentals is looking for motivated individuals for our Second shift to help in our busy season. Second Shift typically works Sunday through Thursday from 3pm – 11pm. Hours can change and overtime is welcome!

Please refer to our job description about our General Laborer position for more information; including duties, work environment, qualifications, physical demands and more.