Worlds Fishing fair

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Aquarium Parking Lot Event
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"Everyone here really appreciates the crew you have up here working on the grounds... Similar to what we saw and heard in Eau Claire in 2021, they are pleasant to work with, very responsive and maintain a great sense of humor. They have developed a good rapport with the Clark County team."
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
General Manager
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2022
Worlds Fishing fair

"It is difficult to express in words how appreciative myself, on behalf of a community of 300 families, are for your time, effort and drive to make our Greek Festival a success. This year, our event generated more revenue that we have ever experienced - and it would not have been possible without the collaboration we had.

I very much look forward to working with you, JK Rentals and your team for many, many years to come!"

Old Republic Kitchen - Elegin, IL