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JK Rentals can install any type of event flooring, decking or staging in addition to all tent rentals. Tent flooring is primarily installed to accompany a dance floor at a wedding. Event flooring is also used to ensure a smooth surface for exhibitors and clients.

There are many types of flooring that can be installed depending on the job site. Various factors come into play when renting event flooring, decking, or staging. Ground levelness, budget, and design aesthetic can help determine what flooring option is right for your event.

Lay-Down Floor

A lay-down floor is an inexpensive option to install flooring throughout the entire tent. This type of flooring conforms to the ground underneath. This means that if the ground is not level, your floor will not be level. With that being said, this is best utilized when installed on a level surface.

Our crews can install either a plywood lay-down floor, or install our Sur-Loc flooring system. The simple Sur-Loc flooring system can easily be customized to fit any size tent. The 4′ x 4′ panels are made from heavy-duty HDPE plastic reinforced by steel. This makes it a great option for various ground types.

An added customizable option is an overlay. We offer many types of overlay such as astro-turf, carpet, vinyl wood flooring, and much more. Just ask one of our sales representatives if a lay-down floor is right for you!

Surloc Flooring Tiles
Elevated Deck

Modular Flooring/Elevated Decks

If the ground is not level where the tent will be installed, an elevated deck may be needed. JK Rentals uses plywood top steel frame stage deck sections to create elevated decks.

These rugged and versatile decks can be customized to fit underneath any tent. Coming in 4′ x 4′ sections, we can install virtually any size, over almost any contour or surface.

Whether your tent needs to be raised, or must be installed on a slope, our elevated decks are the answer. Just like our Sur-Loc flooring system, our z-decks can be covered with carpet, astro-turf, vinyl flooring, or other overlays.

This type of flooring is on the more expensive side, as they are more labor intensive and require larger crews for install. Ramps, stairs, and railings can all be added into the cost of the elevated deck. Contact us today to start your elevated deck or portable floor rental!

Dance Floor

JK Rentals offers an indoor/outdoor dance floor system. Much like our other flooring options, these dance floor systems come in 4′ x 4′ sections. We can install any size to fit your needs.

When determining what size dance floor you may need, we estimate about one third of your guests utilizing the dance floor at once. However, if you think more guests will be dancing, we can quote a larger dance floor for your big night.

New England Style Dance Floor