Tent Door Options for Any Occasion

Glass Doors

Our glass service doors are a great option for shorter events or long-term projects! They all have the capability to be left unlocked during your open hours of service or locked with a working set of keys left with your team to keep your tent secure! We offer a single glass door (approximately 3′ wide) as well as our double glass doors with two glass doors that open outward (approximately 6′ wide).

  • Single Glass Door
  • 6’ Double Glass Door

Vinyl Roll-Up Motorized Overhead Door with Remote

Our vinyl roll-up overhead doors come in three different vinyl style options: solid white vinyl, clear vinyl with a white border, and the capability of custom ordering your logo or design printed right on any color vinyl! These temporary doors are great for large events as they allow 15′ wide doorways to be opened and closed with a press of a button! These doors do require a standard 20v power source, but the remote controls do run on batteries. 

  • Solid White Vinyl
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Custom logo or design printed vinyl

Insulated Overhead Motorized Garage Door with Remote

Our best option for long-term installed doors, commonly used in warehousing and storage spaces, are the standard motorized commercial grade garage doors. These are custom ordered for your tent to meet the height and width requirements you set and are installed by professionals to ensure smooth and seamless use! These doors can be ordered as a standard metal roll up door for cold storage or with the insulated garage door panels to ensure your climate controlled space stays at your desired temperature!

  • Insulated commercial overhead garage doors
  • Metal commercial overhead garage doors (non-insulated)