JK Rentals is hiring for full-time and seasonal positions at this time. JK Rentals is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • General Laborer/Tent Manufacturer – Full-Time

Please refer below for more information on our General Laborer position. To be considered for any and all positions, please apply here.

General Laborer Job Description

General Laborer loads, unloads, moves, and installs materials (i.e. tents, tables, stages, flooring, lights, chairs, etc.) within or near the shop, yard, or work site. JK Rentals manufacturers our own tents in house! The tent manufacturer position assists the Crew Leaders and Shop Foreman in manufacturing these tents inside the shop. Learn how to weld using an RF welder, sew, and other various tasks it takes to complete the tents we install daily. Hours can change and overtime is welcome!

Please refer to our job description about our General Laborer position for more information; including duties, work environment, qualifications, physical demands and more.