Arcum Structure Model

JK Rentals now has Arcum structures! One of our main objectives is to provide cutting edge and innovative tenting products to our customers. To continue this, we now feature Arcum structures, which are revolutionary to the tenting industry. Much like our Clearspan structures, they can be erected over objects such as light poles, trees, pools, sheds, etc. With no obstructed objects or poles for the center, unlike other tent types, these structures provide the most space within the tent.

The smooth curve of the structure and high durability of the vinyl gives off a modern and sleek look to each event it hosts; while also being able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Arcum structures are a highly recommended option when looking to host a large scale event which will add that special wow factor.

JK Rentals currently has the largest Arcum inventory in the United States. Since this type of structure is a new option to our company, contact one of our tent experts when looking to rent this tent for one of your events.


  • 20M comes with a standard 4M leg height
    • Comparable to the length of a bowling lane
  • 30M comes with a standard 5M leg height
    • Comparable to the distance between first and third plate on a baseball diamond
  • Lengths are expandable by 5M increments
  • Customize the ends with a logo
  • White sidewall available to cover the perimeter of tent
  • Upgraded window sidewall or clear sidewall available upon request
  • Multiple lighting options for Arcum structures