Event lighting and power is a must for any late afternoon or night event. Floor lighting, string lighting, chandelier lighting and other types of lighting are all available at JK Rentals. Our team can also assemble custom and specialty lighting tailored to any customers specifications. JK Rentals not only provides lighting to light up your event, but we also have generators that can be brought to your location in order to power everything underneath your tent.

Whether you are looking for an elegant chandelier for a wedding or gala event, or you want simple string or globe lights for a festival, JK Rentals has it all. The most common type of lighting for weddings and more elegant private parties are the napa string lights.

If you are looking to provide lighting under a larger tent, we offer 400-watt metal halide lights to emit the most amount of light necessary.

With many options to offer, JK Rentals is sure to have the lighting packages that you are looking for. Our representatives will work with you to ensure the best and most affordable lighting and power packages for your next event. If you have any questions about our lighting and power options, please contact one of our associates today!

Napa Style Lighting
Napa Lighting

Napa Lights are typically used for wedding tents or other elegant events. These strands are 37ft in length and can hang in any way underneath the tent. Whether you are looking to light up your tent for an upcoming corporate event or go simple yet sleek for your wedding, the napa lights are sure to do the trick!

String Lighting
String Lighting

String Lighting can be used for various events such as large festivals or even small backyard parties. These lights come in 10ft, 25ft, and even 50ft strands to help fit any sized tent. JK Rentals supplies string lights with LED bulbs to help save energy costs!

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

LED Lighting is used in larger corporate or festival tents. These LED lights are 160-watts which give off the most light in a larger area, plus they are energy efficiant. In order to decide how many lights you would need to light up your next event, contact one of our representatives today!

chandelier lighting
Chandelier Lighting

JK Rentals provides different types of chandeliers for corporate events or wedding tents. These chandeliers are typically hung on cables in between the center poles of tents, making them available for large tents only. Contact us for more information on our different chandelier lighting options.

Flood Lighting
Flood/Up Lighting

Flood lights are hung on center poles of our larger tents. These lights are typically used to provide light into the peaks of our tents which then reflect light underneath the tent. Depending on what your next event is, flood lighting can be used in many different ways.