Construction Shelters

Temporary structures can play a crucial role in the efficiency of construction projects. Materials, machinery, tools, and equipment can all be stored and protected from the elements using temporary structures. This ensures that valuable resources are kept in optimal condition and readily available when needed, reducing delays.

Clearspan structures can also be used to create covered workspaces, allowing construction activities to continue uninterrupted in inclement weather. This can significantly help maintain project timelines and budgets, ensuring that construction progresses steadily regardless of external factors.

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Drive Through Hospital Tents

Restaurant Expansion

During peak seasons, restaurants often face an influx of customers that exceeds their indoor seating capacity. Erecting a tent long-term allows these establishments to accommodate more patrons without the need for permanent construction. These structures can be equipped with heating systems, lighting, and stylish decor to ensure a comfortable and appealing dining environment, enhancing the overall guest experience.

In addition to expanding capacity, clearspan structures also provide restaurants the opportunity to accommodate special events such as pop-up dinners, food festivals, or large private parties. These temporary structures can be more flexible than a restaurant’s permanent facilities, allowing for creative uses that can attract new customers and their unique events.

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