Perhaps one of the simplest, yet effective tent installations is the pole tent. The style of these tents is apparent in the name itself, erected through the use of taller center poles. Pole tents can come in many different shapes and sizes, but are more traditionally seen in a rectangular outlay with a triangular profile. JK Rentals has been installing this type of tent since the company’s inception. More effective staking and tensioning practices allow these tents to withstand fairly harsh weather conditions, allowing for more long-term installations.

JK Rentals has also advanced over the recent years in the manufacturing of pole tents and currently produces some of the industries finest. Although there are many variations of “pole tents” in use today, this section refers to traditional pole tents. To see a “tension pole tent” please refer to Tension Tents or 120′ Wide Tents.

JK Rentals manufactures all of the traditional pole tent vinyl in-house, including sidewalls. Therefore, older inventory is easily replaced by new and updated inventory. Not only does production allow for unlimited lengths of tent, but color as well.


  • Available in the following widths: 20′, 30’, and 40’
  • Standard 7′ legs, but 9’ legs are available upon request
  • Vinyl tops are available in white or colored stripes
  • White sidewall available to cover the perimeter of tent
  • Upgraded window sidewall or clear sidewall available upon request
  • Interior center poles are required to support tent
  • Multiple lighting options for tension tents

When considering this style tent for YOUR event, keep in mind several things. First, there will be slight obstructions inside the tent from the use of center poles to hold the canopy up. Second, the tent is secured to the ground with numerous webs/ropes that anchor to the perimeter staking. Due to this method of tensioning, these tents require additional area around the tent for anchoring (ie: a 40’x100′ pole tent would need approximately 50’x110′ of room to accommodate staking). If you have any questions or concerns about our pole tents, feel free to contact us today!