For events that need to stand apart from most others, consider the amazing 120ft wide tension tent! The stunning twin pole design is unique to the industry. The massive 40ft tall center poles are spread 40 feet apart from each other. While spanning 120ft wide, it’s easy to see why this installation is turning heads anywhere it is set up. To date, JK Rentals has erected this specific size tension tent in lengths that were over 600ft (that’s approximately the length of two football fields).

Clients who rent 120ft wide tension tents have events that require a lot of usable square footage. Another favorable advantage is that the 120ft wide tension tent is priced significantly less compared to our Clearspan Structures. To decide if a large scale tension tent best fits your needs and budget, contact one of our trained professionals to assist you today.


  • Tent width is 120’
  • Standard 10’ legs
  • Tops are available in white
  • Heavier vinyl tops provide a cleaner look and are not translucent
  • White sidewall available to cover the perimeter of tent
  • Upgraded window sidewall or clear sidewall available upon request
  • Interior center poles are required to support tent
  • Multiple lighting options for 120’ wide tension tents

When considering a 120ft wide tension tent for YOUR upcoming event, keep in mind several things. First, there will be some obstructions inside the tent from the use of center poles to hold the canopy up. Since the tension tent is secured to the ground with additional staking, numerous webs anchor to the perimeter. Due to this method of tensioning, these tents require additional area around the tent for anchoring (ie: a 120’x100′ tension tent would need approximately 136’x116′ of room to accommodate staking). Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our 120ft wide tension tents.