Small & Large Bandshells

Bandshells – Outdoor Stage Tent

JK Rentals provides bandshells for all of your outdoor performance needs. With two sizes of bandshells in our inventory, (large and small) we can accommodate to the space you are given. Both bandshell sizes are manufactured by Anchor Industries, and are designed with the end user in mind. Bandshells not only provide an eye-catching shelter for performers and guests, but also possess great acoustics for concerts and performances. The bandshell tops are made of heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl for a durable cover. Bandshells feature a push pole installation for a quick set up, swivel base-plates for proper tensioning, and reinforced eye-bolts for hanging lighting or sound equipment. The size of the bandshell refers to the maximum stage size that is allowed underneath the tent.

Large Bandshell (40’ x 40’)

Although the large bandshell’s size is 40’ x 40’, this refers to the stage that can be placed underneath. The bandshell top itself expands 96’ across and 76’ deep, making it hard to fit on most private properties. Staging with steps can be placed underneath the large bandshell, which can also be ordered through JK Rentals. If the staging and bandshell are rented as a package, discounts may be applied. For more questions on our large bandshell inventory, please contact us today!

Small Bandshell (24′ x 32′)

Similar to the large bandshell, the small bandshell isn’t actually 24’ x 32’. This size is referring to the largest stage that can fit underneath the tent itself. The actual size of the bandshell top spans 53’ wide by 44’ deep. Although it is significantly smaller than our large size, the small bandshell may not fit on most private properties. A 24’ x 32’ stage can be placed under the small bandshell. The staging can also be rented through JK Rentals with a discounted rate if ordered together. If there are any questions about our small bandshells, feel free to contact us today.

For more information on staging options that JK Rentals provides, see our outdoor staging page. When limited space is available, our Clear Span Structures are a viable alternative to bandshells. For more questions about our bandshell options, contact us today!