A great option for any occasion that intends to give an impression of an upscale event is a tension tent also referred to as a wedding tent. While still considered to be a pole tent, the overall quality and visual appeal of the tension tent is perfect for weddings, corporate events, or slightly more elaborate functions. The vinyl used here is typically heavier than our frame or traditional pole tents. In addition to being heavier, the vinyl is not translucent. Additional staking adds to the stability of the installation through higher winds and heavier downpours.

To add to the prestige of an event, installing tent liners and custom chandeliers are a very common choice. When trying to decide if this or any other style tent best fits your ideas, goals, and budgets; let one of our trained professional assist you in making the best choice for your event, and contact us today.


  • Available in the following widths: 30’, 40’, 60’, and 80’
  • Standard 7′ legs, but 9’ legs are available upon request for 30’, 40’, and 60’
  • Standard 9′ legs, but 10’ legs are available upon request for 80’ tension tent
  • Heavier vinyl tops provide a cleaner look and are not translucent
  • White sidewall available to cover the perimeter of tent
  • Upgraded window sidewall or clear sidewall available upon request
  • Interior center poles are required to support tent
  • Multiple lighting options for tension tents

When considering a tension tent for YOUR upscale event, keep in mind several things. First, there will be some obstructions inside the tent from the use of center poles to hold the canopy up. These center poles can be covered with a matching white vinyl in order to keep the inside looking clean and high class. Since the tension tent is secured to the ground with additional staking, numerous webs anchor to the perimeter. Due to this method of tensioning, these tents require additional area around the tent for anchoring (ie: a 40’x100′ tension tent would need approximately 50’x110′ of room to accommodate staking). If you choose a larger tension tent such as our 60’ or 80’, the height is raised to 9’. This will cause even more space needed around the perimeter of the tent for safe staking methods. Check out our Clearspan Structures which do not have center poles that obstruct the space inside of the tent. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our tension tents.