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JK Rentals not only installs some of the industry’s top quality frame tents, but also manufactures all tent tops in-house. What this means to our customers is that they will always have durable tents that will not only keep the rain out, but are also aesthetically pleasing. The available colors JK Rentals offers for tops are as varied as the sizes we can build. Custom sizes are easily installed since our frame tents are manufactured in-house.

Frame tents are optimal for open space underneath the tent, because there are no center poles in this style of tent. Together with sidewalls (easily installed and removed), frame tents make the perfect temporary shelter for a smaller event. With custom designed mesh sidewall and dividers, these tents can also be well-suited for cooking or serving food. JK Rentals also custom manufactures tents for those customers who want to own a tent, including ones with company logos printed on.


  • Available in the following widths: 10’, 12’, 15’, 20’ and 30’
  • Standard 7’ legs, but 9’ legs are available upon special request
  • Tops are available in white or colored striped vinyl
  • White sidewall available to cover the perimeter of tent
  • Upgraded window sidewall or clear sidewall available upon request
  • No center poles required
  • Can be secured with concrete blocks or steel plates upon special request, but staking is always preferred

Century® Frame Tents

A great tent that provides both shelter from weather conditions, as well as a pleasing and modern look is the Century® frame tent. Anchor Industries® is the manufacturer of the Century® frame tents, which is the majority of what JK Rentals carries in our inventory. This style of tent is perfect for just about any event, from a small backyard wedding to a larger corporate event. Another reason most customers opt for a Century® tent rather than a traditional pole tent, other than its high peaks and curves, is the fact they are engineered to withstand harsher weather conditions.

As a matter of fact, with JK Rentals professional installation, these canopies can withstand winds in excess of 70 miles/hour. Our extensive inventory includes Century® tents in many different widths and in order to accommodate larger events, these Century® frame tents can be joined using a unique, water-tight guttering system. JK Rentals also provides different style walls, (built in-house) which will allow you to “close up” the tent. Like the frame tents mentioned above, these tents do not have a center pole obstructing the space within the tent. Instead, Century® frame tents are designed with cross cables supporting the center mast to create the high peak.


  • Available in the following sizes: 10×10, 10×20, 20×20 and 20×30
  • Standard 8’ legs, but 10’ legs are available upon special request
  • White solid sidewall is optional around perimeter of tent; upgraded window or clear sidewall available upon special request
  • No center poles required
  • Can be secured with concrete blocks or steel plates upon special request, but staking is always preferred

For tents larger than 30′ in width, please see our Pole Tents, Tension Tents, or ClearSpan Structures. If you have any questions or concerns about our frame or Century frame tents, feel free to contact us today!