12 Meter Clearspan tent with window wall

Tent sidewalls are available for any type of tent style that we carry. Depending on which tent you choose, some sidewalls can include solid white wall, window wall, clear sidewall, or mesh wall. If you are looking to rent a frame tent, tension tent, or pole tent, we offer either solid white sidewall or window wall. Our window wall is made up of cathedral windows which allow light inside of your tent. If you are looking to rent a Clearspan structure or arcum structure, solid sidewall, window wall, and clear sidewall are all available. Our clear sidewall allows the most light into your tent while still protecting against weather conditions such as rain or wind.

Mesh wall is preferred in tents which might be used for cooking under. This wall helps protect our tops and other sidewalls by collecting the smoke and other debris that may be in the air from cooking. If you are looking to cook underneath our tents, ask one of our representatives about our mesh wall today.

If you are looking to rent a tent and would like sidewalls surrounding it, please feel free to contact us today to see which style of sidewall would fit your event best!

JK Rentals also provides white picket fencing to surround your tent. Fencing can help control walk patterns at your event or festival or even create extra seating space outside of your tent at your next private party. Our fencing comes in six-foot sections.

Ask one of our representatives today about our white picket fencing.

White Picket Fence
White Picket Fence