Temporary Structures as Disaster Shelters

After an earthquake, hurricane, or flood, there is often an immediate need to provide shelter for displaced individuals. Disaster relief operations also require shelter in the form of field hospitals, command centers, and distribution points for food and aid supplies. Large temporary structures are a critical component of disaster relief operations due to their rapid deployability and versatility.

JK Rentals has the inventory, materials, and equipment to provide temporary shelter for disaster relief. We carry a variety of sizes of engineered temporary tents, also known as clearspan structures, with widths of 30 feet to 132 feet. All of our temporary structures can be expanded to any length necessary. These structures are made of fire-resistant vinyl fabric and are engineered to withstand snow, wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

With warehouses in both Wisconsin and North Chicago, we are able to service and install tents anywhere in the nation. Our experienced crews at JK Rentals are able to install and erect these temporary structures in as little as 72 hours, depending on how much travel is needed. Please contact one of our sales representatives to get a quote going today.

Clearspan Structure can be used in a variety of environments for a temporary testing facility

Temporary Structures for Warehousing

Demand for a business’ goods or services can vary wildly due to a variety of factors such as the season. Instead of making investments to permanently expand warehouse operations, temporary structures can be an efficient and  cost-effective solution to accommodate these peaks.

Temporary warehousing structures can also be beneficial during periods of growth or transition. When a business is remodeling, expanding, or relocating to a new facility, there can be a gap in the available permanent storage. Temporary structures provide a seamless interim solution to ensure business operations continue without disruption.

All of our clearspan structures are made with an aluminum frame that can be installed almost anywhere and are completely customizable and can be expanded to virtually any length, depending on your needs. Inventory overflow and palletized goods can be stored underneath our clearspan structures to stay dry. These structures can also be heated, if needed.

Benefits of Temporary Buildings

Our clearspan structures provide numerous benefits when it comes to temporary buildings for relief & storage:

Quick Installation: The turnaround time of a quote can be less than 24 hours. Installation begins shortly after.

Flexible Terms: Rentals can be either long or short-term. They can even be month-to-month

Facility Continuity: Clearspan structures have the ability to be erected anywhere, on any surface. Structures are installed on-site and can even be installed when staking is not an option.

Turn-Key Solutions: JK Rentals provides a clear and precise scope of work which includes transportation, equipment and installation costs, so there is no worry for surprises.

Space to Fit Your Needs: Our temporary buildings can be arranged in virtually any configuration to fit any proposed job site.

Contact one of our sales representatives to have one of Clearspan structures or long-term tents installed in Chicago, Wisconsin, or anywhere in the United States!

Our Large Clearspan tents can be used for drive-through testing at medical facilities
Drive Through Hospital Tents