Additional Seating for Restaurants, Bars, and Golf Simulator Tents!


Do you own a bar or restaurant in the Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay, areas, or anywhere in between? JK Rentals provides long-term tent rentals to be utilized for additional seating outdoors. Our sales representatives offer a long-term plan for your business and can help utilize any additional space on your property. We conduct site inspections to measure the proposed area, draw up a social-distanced seating plan using a CAD program, and will send a quote to you within a few days’ notice.


The JK Rentals crews can install our long-term tents in any weather conditions and on any type of ground. Whether you need to install a tent on a patio, or in a parking lot, we have you covered!


Our long-term tents for outdoor seating can include sidewall, lights, heating, flooring, and even additional furniture. Call us today, or fill out a quote to get started on additional seating for your business!