There are many steps and different factors to think about when renting a tent. Whether you are looking into wedding tents, or need a tent for a construction site, the beginning steps of a tent rental are quite similar. Here are a few things to think about and plan for, before even talking to a rental professional. Later, we will go over the other features to rent besides the tent.


In some cities, a permit will be required before installing a large tent. Be sure to check with your event planner or even the tent rental company to ensure all local regulations are being obeyed.


Staking tents into a grassy area is the easiest way to anchor them for safety
Tension tent staked in grass

Where the tent will be installed is very important. The tent rental company needs to know things such as what surface the tent will be installed on or if the job site is level, if there are any obstructions on the property, or if there are any utilities underground.

The type of surface the tent will be installed on is extremely important. Typically, when installing a tent in the grass, it means that the tent will be able to be staked into the ground. This also goes for dirt, asphalt, mulch, etc. Staking a tent is the SAFEST way to keep it secured in place. If a tent is staked into asphalt, most tenting companies will be able to fill those stake holes upon removal. Be sure to ask your sales representative if this is an option. Although there are other options to install a tent, they will be more expensive.

Flooring is an excellent option that'll bring balance and atmosphere to your tent rental experience.
Tent with hardwood flooring option

Most of the time, tents are not able to be staked into concrete or any brick pavers for the fear of damaging the property. Sometimes tents can’t even be staked in grass or asphalt. This is where weighting a tent can be an option. Only a few types of tents can be weighted because they use an aluminum frame to keep everything in place. Those tents are essentially free-standing, so weighing them down is okay.

If the area you want the tent installed is not level, renting a floor under your tent is the best option. Depending on how to level the ground is, the flooring may need to be elevated. Most tent rental companies provide flooring, but some may outsource. It’s usually less expensive to find a company that will “do it all”. Although a floor is a great idea, it usually comes at a cost. JK Rentals offers many types of flooring options for every customer.

Lastly, there are usually underground utilities on all job sites, unless your event will be taking place in a field on a property. Most tent rental companies will set up a utility locate ticket for all of these to be marked. Every state offers a free locate service, and a locate MUST be done by law. Make sure your tent rental company will take care of this for you. JK Rentals calls in a utility locate for every job.

Your Ideal Tent Type:

Whether you are looking for an elegant wedding tent or a more permanent corporate area, there are many options for tents. A pole or tension tent typically costs less than a frame or clearspan structure.

Tension tents are impressive and elegant.
Tension Tent
Pole tents come in many shapes and size which makes them useful for nearly any occasion.
Frame Tent

With a pole tent, you need to keep in mind that there will be center poles inside the tent area. Guide webs are attached to the tent and are anchored out creating another perimeter outside of the actual tent area. For example, a 40ft x 60ft tent that is 7ft tall will have an additional 5ft around the perimeter for the stake line. The overall footprint of a 40ft x 60ft tent would be 50ft x 70ft. Lastly, pole or tension tents MUST be staked into the ground. This means that they cannot be installed on all surfaces.

Clearspan Structures are the industries most versatile tent option because they accommodate large spaces for gatherings and showrooms alike.
Clearspan Structure

Clearspan structures, sometimes known as frame tents, require a more labor-intensive install. This factor causes the cost on these to be significantly higher than other types of tents. Unlike a pole tent, the clearspan structures are free and clear of any center poles. These structures or temporary buildings can be staked straight into the ground using plates. This means there is no additional space needed for guide webs and a stake line. Lastly, these structures can be weighted, meaning they are able to be installed on grass, concrete, brick, pavement, etc.

Once you have determined which tent type you want to go with, make sure to reserve your tent well before your event date. Aim to get the initial quote request out at least six months ahead of time. This will ensure the items will be available for rent.

With all of these basic details out of the way, it’s now time to start determining what items will go inside the tent! Check back to see more helpful hints for other rental items. JK Rentals has multiple sales associates on stand-by to answer any and all questions you may have.